The long-term effects of inflation on inflation expectations

Fabio Braggion, Felix von Meyerinck, Nic Schaub, Michael Weber Many individuals are experiencing for the first time inflation considerably above central bank targets. Yet despite this limited experience, inflation expectations of many households have been upward biased relative to ex-post realisations and target rates. This column proposes inflation shocks in the more distant past as […]

Οι Λουδίτες, αυτοί οι βίαιοι πολέμιοι της τεχνολογικής προόδου;

Μεταφέρω επιστολή αναγνώστη με τίτλο “Reassessing the Luddites” στην Εκόνομιστ της 2 Σεπτεμβρίου 2023. Μάλλον αποκαθιστά την ιστορική οικονομική αλήθεια. “Luddites have indeed had a bad press. The Luddites were weavers who by law had a monopoly on the trade. They viewed the mechanical looms of the Industrial Revolution to be operating outside the law, […]