Has the Phillips Curve Become Steeper?

Anil Ari, Daniel Garcia-Macia, Shruti Mishra This paper analyzes whether structural changes in the aftermath of the pandemic have steepened the Phillips curves in advanced economies, reversing the flattening observed in recent decades and reducing the sacrifice ratio associated with disinflation. Particularly, analysis of granular price quote data from the UK indicates that increased digitalization may have […]

Winter resilience lifts outlook for EU growth amid persistent challenges

Maarten Verwey,Allen Monks, Kristian Orsini A better-than-expected performance at the beginning of the year has lifted the forecast for EU growth marginally upwards. The European Commission’s Spring 2023 Economic Forecast outlines how falling energy commodity prices are driving a sharp fall in energy bills, but core inflation has been firming. As a result, the inflation […]

Βίος αβίωτος

Οι οικονομολόγοι πέφτουν έξω, οι μετεωρολόγοι ακόμη πιο έξω, οι ειδήμονες της καλαθοσφαίρισης έξω και αυτοί –γαμώτο– και οι δημοσκόποι … στο διάστημα. Μόνο οι αυτοεκπληρούμενες προφητείες των κερδοσκόπων εκπληρώνονται – μα αυτό είναι για τους πολύ πλούσιους. Εντός εκτός και επί τα αυτά. Καλημέρα σας. νκ