The IMF should enhance the role of SDRs to strengthen the international monetary system

Edwin M. Truman  Τhe special drawing right (SDR), issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has the potential to strengthen dramatically the international monetary system. Established in 1969 and allocated twice during its first decade, the SDR was in the institutional closet from 1980 until 2009, when $250 billion in SDRs was allocated to members […]

The employment effects of working time reductions in Europe

Andrea Garnero, Alessandro Tondini, Cyprien Batut The implementation of shorter working hours is intended to create jobs by redistributing available work. But this is based on the assumption that there is a fixed amount of work to be done. This column studies the work-hour reforms in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, and Slovenia in the late […]

Η Ουκρανία, η Ρωσία, οι ΗΠΑ (και η Ευρώπη)

Μεταφέρω επιστολή του καθηγητή Τζέφρι Σακς με τίτλο ‘Α misreading of the true choices facing Ukraine’ στην Φαϊνάνσιαλ Τάιμς της 9 Δεκεμβρίου 2022. Σαφής, ιστορικώς ακριβής και πειστικός ο λόγος του. “Martin Wolf (‘It is the west’s duty to ensure Ukraine wins’, Opinion, December 7) misrepresents the true strategic choices facing Ukraine and western governments. […]