The US labor market could be cooling down

Jason Furman, Wilson Powell III Τhe economy added 428,000 jobs in April, a slight slowdown from the pace in recent months. The unemployment rate stayed at 3.6 percent as the labor force participation rate fell and broader measures of unemployment rose. The big news in the Labor Department’s jobs report was that average hourly earnings […]

Εκλογικά συστήματα και δημοκρατία – συγκρίσεις με νόημα

Αντιγράφω δύο σύντομες επιστολές αναγνωστών προς την Διευθύντρια έκδοσης της Economist, στο τεύχος της 30 Απριλίου 2022. Δημοσιεύτηκαν υπό τον τίτλο “Big majorities are a problem”. “Presumably many Conservative voters now recognise that the good-chap approach to governance has ceased to be effective, if it ever were… As long as a government can obtain a […]