A World Recovery Fund to Overcome Developing Countries’ Post-Covid Debt Woes?

Alicia García Herrero Throughout 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic caused massive human and economic casualties.The pandemic has been a major blow for developing countries, especially low-income countries, from many perspectives. These countries experienced a sudden dry-up of external financing in March 2020, against the backdrop of a rapid pile-up of sovereign debt during the last few […]

Reallocation effects of the minimum wage

Christian Dustmann, Attila Lindner, Uta Schӧnberg, Matthias Umkehrer, Philipp vom Berge  In January 2015, Germany introduced a uniform minimum wage of €8.50. Many economists and media outlets predicted that this would have dire consequences for the German economy and result in substantial job losses. This column shows that, in fact, the introduction of the minimum […]