Examining interrelation between global and national income inequalities

Marek Dabrowski. The last decade brought increasing attention to income and wealth inequalities in advanced economies because of their increase in several countries and negative social and political implications. However, this debate is often limited to the single-country perspective, disregarding   […]

The impact of industrial robots on EU employment and wages: A local labour market approach

Francesco Chiacchio, Georgios Petropoulos, David Pichler. The authors of this working paper study the impact of industrial robots on employment and wages in six European Union countries, which make up 85.5 percent of the EU industrial robots market. In theory, robots can   […]

Income redistribution through taxes and transfers across OECD countries

Orsetta Causa, Mikkel Hermansen. This paper produces a comprehensive assessment of income redistribution to the working-age population, covering OECD countries over the last two decades. Redistribution is quantified as the relative reduction in market income inequality achieved by personal income   […]

The rise and future of progressive redistribution

Peter H. Linder. Starting from today’s collection of estimates of fiscal distribution within each of 53 countries, we can begin mapping a history of how redistribution has evolved historically, and to project some influences on its trends in the next   […]

The Hartz myth A closer look at Germany’s labour market reforms

Christian Odendahl Germany’s labour market and welfare reforms of the early 2000s have gained an outsized importance over time. For some, these reforms put an end to Germany’s social market economy and pushed millions into unsecure, low wage jobs. For   […]

Welfare: Savings not Taxation

Roger Douglas, Robert MacCulloch. Public healthcare and retirement programmes are putting pressure on government budgets around the world. The search for treating illness at a lower cost without compromising quality is becoming urgent. In this paper, the authors propose an original response   […]

Tony Atkinson 1944–2017: A lifetime commitment to the study of inequality

Anthony B. (Tony) Atkinson, who died on 1 January 2017, was not a historian of economic thought in the more specific sense. However, he was an economist who was extraordinarily well read and broadminded, being always open to alternative approaches   […]

Labor Market Institutions and the Cost of Recessions

Martin Scheffel, Tom Krebs. This paper studies the effect of two labor market institutions, unemployment insurance (UI) and job search assistance (JSA), on the output cost and welfare cost of recessions. The paper develops a tractable incomplete-market model with search unemployment,   […]

European Unemployment Revisited: Shocks, Institutions, Integration

Giuseppe Bertola. This paper painstakingly restores a vintage empirical model of unemployment determination by interacting shocks and institutions, and runs it on recent data featuring dramatic shocks and controversial institutional change. Theoretical insights and empirical results suggest that reforms and   […]

Some are more equal than others: new estimates of global and regional inequality

Zsolt Darvas. Zsolt Darvas compares four methodologies to estimate the global distribution of income and find that many methods work well, but the method based on two-parameter distributions is more accurate than other methods. This method is simpler, easier to   […]